Cofounder / Colorado Operations / DJ

Ryel K first found pink love as a member and resident DJ of Pinky’s, the legendary Burning Man pirate ship camp. After the Pinky’s crew retired, Ryel helped launch Pink Mammoth in 2003 to keep the pink flame burning, and was a central figure in putting Pink Mammoth on the playa and San Francisco maps.

Ryel acted as a director of Pink Mammoth in securing, organizing and promoting all its events during its first few years. In 2006, Ryel and Joli moved to Denver, Colorado and now represent Pink Mammoth in the CO community. Ryel came up with the name Pink Mammoth to pay homage to Pinky’s and Mammoth Mountain ski area, where he and Derek met as ski instructors and plotted PM’s launch.

Contact Info:

ryelk@pinkmammoth.org | Facebook