Resident DJ

Always loved music and beats from since I was able to walk…never remembered the words though, but always knew the beats! Force fed Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Al Green, Otis Redding and the like all throughout my childhood…thanks dad! Love me some soul, funk, samba, oh my!
After going to the opening parties in Ibiza for the first time I knew that I HAD to DJ! Everybody and their mom is a DJ in Europe and what the hell was I doing? I knew I loved music soooo much that I needed to be able to spin some dope tracks! I spent a year playing for the wall before PM gave me the chance to play out. So thankful to be part of the PM crew!
Love house, in all its forms and happy to play the late night techno hours too. I just love dropping tracks for my friends!

SoftDog by RawC


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