Joe Trujillo

Director of Burning Man Camp Operations

San Francisco native and suburban San Mateo local, Joe, is a veteran Burner since 1999 and was a frequent visitor at Pinky’s. When his own camp, “Camp Jungle Love,” set up home in 2005 across from Pink Mammoth, he was instantly hooked on the amazing people and music and knew there was something special going on. He wanted to not only visit the camp every day, but also contribute and be a part.

Once he realized that Pink Mammoth was from San Francisco, he joined them in 2005 to help with the Love Parade Float and join Pink Mammoth in the parade. Since then, Joe has spearheaded Pink Mammoth improvements using his business resources, knowledge of project management, team supervision, and creative skills to the camp and local events. He also has signature house parties (ThanXmas and Funni Bunni) to keep the vibe alive both on and off the playa.

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