Erin & Annie
Erin Needham

CO Operations and Resident Badass

Erin “Queenypants” Needham is an A-Team first pick. Whether you attempting to survive on a deserted island, or pulling together the coolest party on the block, or just want someone to hold your hand while you sob, she’s the one you want on your team. Her primary superpower is to amplify whatever she’s part of. Other super powers include: getting shit done, good taste in everything, grace under pressure, keen perception and unshakable loyalty. Her sources of kryptonite include: unexpected loud noises, not getting what she wants, disappearing into backrooms during parties, staying awake during movies and prolly most of all, sharing what her sources of kryptonite are. She’s the kind of lady that arranges perfect mimosas for a sunrise set. She pets bumble bees and drinks a perfect martinis. She makes art out of life and makes life out of getting shit done well with the people she loves most.

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