SF Counsel & Operations

Always ready for the next magic carpet, Annie Willis is the explorer extraordinaire.  She’s ten times her size on the inside and born from the very same stardust as the historical greats.  She’s got the moxy of Amelia Earhart with the dazzle of a female Fred Astaire.   Sweet and sassy, her superpower is a heart the size of a supernova and just as hot, get on her bad side and that heart fire will smolder you from across the room!  But as a friend, she’s with you to the end, whether that requires airfare or simply holding your hair out of the toilet.  She also has the organizational prowess of an executive guru and probably knows what you want better than you do.  Her kryptonite includes charming, unavailable men and anyone shit talking her friends.  She’s the kind of person that becomes your best friend from a chance encounter in the bathroom or sharing a cab home.  If she’s in your party, chances are you won’t wait in any lines and everyone’s your friend.

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